Children are naturally curious. We nurture their desire to learn.

Ann Arbor Children’s House, named after Dr. Maria Montessori’s first school, is a traditional Montessori preschool and kindergarten for children ages two and a half to six. We encourage you to explore our school, meet our teachers, and learn how our approach can benefit your child and your family. 

“I am merely saying that the true defense of mankind cannot be based on arms. Wars will always follow one upon the other, and no people’s peace and prosperity can ever be assured until we trust in the great “armament for peace” that education represents.”

From Education and Peace, Maria Montessori, page 32

It is an excerpt from an address she gave in Copenhagen on May 22, 1937.

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Here are some ideas for you to do at home to continue your child's Montessori style of education. drop us a line.