A Field Trip To The Library!

List of books

s we have been studying types of transportation, we decided to take some of the afternooners on a bus trip to the library!
They wrote out a list of books they would like to check out:

Book about mercury (the element – not the planet!)
Dinosaur Skeleton
Book about sharks
garbage trucks

bus ride

We took bus 5B to the library! It was VERY fun to wait (although hot on an 80 degree day) for the bus and to sit in the seats!

asking librarian

When we arrived at the library, they were very helpful and listened to the list of books. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a book on mercury the element at this library (it has been ordered and picked up at the downtown branch), so this child chose a book about batteries instead.

peaceful reading

We had some time to read the books in the nice cool space and then some children played at the table.


Here are the books! Sideways….