A visit to the Food Pantry


Around Thanksgiving time we had a food drive and a visit to the Back Door Food Pantry.  About the BDFP here:


The children were asked to donate lentils and beans.  The Kindergarten children crafted a letter and sent it to all of the parents.

They received the donations and sorted them into bags.


They then took the bags to the BDFP one day and met with two volunteers.




The children then received a thank you letter.

Please thank all of the 13 pupils who brought bags of donations to the BDFP last week. We received 30 assorted bags of dried beans, including at least 8 different varieties, and some raisin snack packs.On Thursday all of the beans  were put out on the protein distribution shelves and were eagerly selected by patrons . The raisins were selected by a  family with several youngsters who love raisins. 
We are really delighted that you were able to bring a group of the older pupils to the pantry twice this month with other teachers helping as well. The children  seemed excited to have the experience of visiting the BDFP and learning about how to help contribute to the  food we distribute to our patrons.  
Thanks go also to the parents who responded to their children’s request to purchase some food to donate. Feel free to contact us about scheduling  other classes for a tour in the future.