About Our School

Ann Arbor Children’s House opened  with 12 students in the fall of 2011. Demand grew quickly, and just one year later, AACH moved to its current location, serving 25 children.

At Ann Arbor Children’s House, we believe in…

  • Family relationships. Strong personal relationships with parents and children help enhance education and ensure smooth transitions from home to school and back.
  • Small class size. We have two traditionally trained Montessori teachers and two highly skilled classroom assistants who interact with 25 children. We maintain at least an eight-to-one child/teacher ratio at all times.
  • Individualized learning. We listen to, follow, observe, and respect the children, guiding their natural interests and allowing them to realize their full potential.
  • A mixed-age class. Children ages three to six work and learn together, allowing each to develop socially and intellectually at his or her own pace while encouraging older children to help younger ones, and younger children to model the behavior of older ones.

We offer…

We are members of the Michigan Montessori Society