It is the time of the year to study apples!

photo 37

We began the week with small groups demonstrating an apple dissection.

The children hear the names of the different parts of the apple and place the real piece on the black card.

photo 38

Once they have had a lesson, they may take this work out and match the parts whenever they choose.

photo 31

This three year old decided to paint an apple on the art table.  In the first photo he had remembered the leaf on the apple that he saw.

photo 30

Later, when he returned back to do it again, he drew the “blossom end” as seen on the bottom in the second photo.


The Kindergartner/afternoon group took a field trip to Wasem Fruit Farm.


Here they learned about a few varieties of apples, took a tour through the apple washing and storing process, had a snack of cider and donuts and then picked their own apples.  This is a wonderful way to get the children to experience how food grows and where it comes from.


We then made a fun activity of washing the apples.  Many children watched the multistep lesson on how to wash an apple and wanted to try it for themselves!

photo 33

After you put on an apron (and have someone tie it in the back), you place out all of the items and fill up the water pitcher.

photo 34

Pour the water into the washing bowl.

photo 36

Place an apple in the bowl.

photo 27


photo 28


photo 29

Place in colander.

After this the child walks through the classroom with a clean and sparkly apple and places it in a bowl.

Most children are very attracted to this activity and want to repeat it over and over.

We will use these clean apples to cut and make into applesauce next week.

photo 41

Another art work was apple printing.

photo 40

Here the child paints on side of an apple and pushes it on the paper to create prints of apples.

photo 42

At the end of the week, we had an apple tasting.  Dr. Montessori stressed the importance of sensorial education at this age.

Here, we educate the sense of taste.


We looked at six different types of apples:

ginger gold


red delicious (picked at the apple orchard)

honey crisp



photo 24

We looked at the differences and similarities in the exocarp, mesocarp and the endocarp. (Some of the children remembered these names from the apple dissection lesson.)


photo 25

Tasting them and deciding the favorite was the best part for many!  We look forward to our applesauce next week!