Australia and New Zealand


As we study the continents up close, we wanted to take a look at Australia.  On of our students visited family last year and brought us back souvenirs.  We learned about the animals in Australia we don’t see here in the US.  We also looked at some money and a boomerang.  One fun thing to do was listen to a recording of a kookaburra bird.


We invited our friend Joel to come and play the didgeridoo for us.  Below is a short clip:


We are lucky that one of our lovely parents hails from New Zealand!  She came in to teach us about this fabulous country and give us some treats as well!


We looked at where New Zealand was on the map.

We also learned about the Maori people and their legend of how New Zealand came to be.


Our friend was wearing her Maori shirt with the 1-10  spelled out.




Kia Ora = Hi

Whanau = Family

Waka = Canoe


Georgie brought us DELICIOUS treats!  First up were the ANZAC biscuits. It is a sweet cookie (biscuit in NZ) that originated in WW1 and were associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (hence, ANZAC).


We were also able to try her Pavlova.  This was a dessert named after a Russian ballet dancer and was made for her when she visited Australia and New Zealand.  It was also delicious!

A big thanks to Joel and Georgie!