Paper Mache Birds

Paper Mache

As we finished up our bird study, the extended day children finished their paper mache birds. This project took several days. Here is what we did: First roll up newspaper into a ball.

Rolling paper into a ball

Form into a body, use masking tape.

Taping paper

Cut out strips of paper towel (great for cutting practice) and dip into the paper mache. Apply to the bird body. TIP= dry on waxed paper so it does not stick!
A few days later (or once dry)…

Strips of paper

Make wings out of cardstock or cardboard and paper mache these to the body.

Painting paper

Let dry again. Then paint the bodies!

Drying painted paper

We made legs out of wire and then wrapped in embroidery yarn.

Paper Mache Bird

Voila! The birds are finished. The children loved their projects!!

Nest Building

No, we are not birds but we are studying them! (Please see earlier post about our third veretbrate- birds) After discussing how some birds build nests, we decided to try building some of our own. The afternooners or extended day children decided to build big ones for eggs we would be making. First we went outside and collected natural items that birds could use in a nest.


We then headed inside with baskets full of sticks, pine needles etc. We added paper, yarn and other items. Using a paper bowl wrapped in a plastic bag, we layered watered down glue, sticks, paper and the other items over and over.



For the morning children, we used smaller bowls wrapped in a sandwich bag and shredded paper.


After we built our nests, we left them to dry.

Today, we sent home the big and smaller nests. The children placed eggs we made and painted inside their nests.



This was a project that took several days and some drying time. It is pretty easy to build a nest. Just make sure to use watered down glue and some plastic bags so the glue will not stick. This experience gave the children a hands on experience of nests, they really seemed to enjoy the process.

Fish Prints

Since we are studying fish in science, we decided to use the fish (see previous post) to create fish prints.  First paint the fish.

P1090326 P1090327

Press a piece of paper on top, making sure to get all of the parts.


Lift the paper and voila!


The next day we flipped the fish over (after being stored in the refrigerator overnight) and made green prints the next day.

Snow Paintings With Puffy Paint

The excitement of last week’s first real snow overflowed to inside our classroom. We made snow paintings with puffy paint. We used a large plastic bristled paint brush to dab the paint onto colored construction paper. Some children enjoyed making snowmen and swirls.


The paint has a great feel, airy and voluminous. It keeps its puff after it dries.

Puffy paint is easy to make. Mix 2 parts shaving cream to 1 part Elmer’s glue. I mixed it in a big bowl and then spooned it onto a small tray. It dries pretty quickly and does not keep so make only as much as you will use.


Today it rained and all the snow melted but more is forecasted this week.

Art, art, art

As you know we have an area of the classroom dedicated to “free art.” Here the children can complete a variety of art activities. They are free to choose what they would like to work with and for how long. Some repeat the same activity several times and some choose a variety.



We also have times when we introduce a specialized art activity requiring more adult assistance. This is what we did on Friday, it was really fun! The children enjoyed painting their hands and creating a turkey!




Not only do art activities allow for creativity, they also help strengthen fine motor skills and connect the hand with the mind. Dr. Montessori felt the hand/mind connection was very important. We are always presenting work to help this connection.

Marble painting!

On of the choices in art the week was painting with marbles.  The children really enjoyed dropping the marbles in the pan and moving it around. Each day we presented two new colors to try.