The many flags of Asia

There are many countries in Asia and we have many flag cards to match. This child decided she wanted to match all of the cards. She put three rugs on the floor and first put down all of the cards with the names of the countries on them. She then matched all of the cards without names next to them. She was very proud of her work.


She has now decided to draw every single flag of Asia we have and create her own book! She will often take breaks as this is a labor intensive work but she is really enjoying the many flags.

A Chinese Flag

Here she goes!


We have decided to laminate the pages to make a sturdier book.


Here is the book. She was so happy to take this home and share it with her family! (Just wait until Africa!)

India Crafts

Rangoli designs

During our week studying India, we had been coloring Rangoli designs in the morning and decided to try to use colored sand to make the real thing. It was not difficult to do, we printed off designs, painted glue on the different areas and then gently sprinkled on sand. Some decided to make a design and others just wanted the colored sand all over their design. They had a lot of fun exploring the colors.

The morning children had an opportunity to make their own rangoli as well.

Rangoli design


We also made divas which are used to hold a candle in India. Usually these are heart shaped as the wick hangs over the edge and oil is used. For children using a tealight is safer. We used our special clay and made a ball. We then flattened the clay a bit and pressed in a tea light.


After a few days when the paint was dry, we painted with sparkly gold paint and will put in a tea light.

Candle holder

More India!


Our special visitors came to tell us about India! They brought puppets, clothes, and food!
We made pani puri which had a filling of lightly seasoned potatoes. The children peeled the potatoes, mashed and added salt. They then filled the pani puri.

Pani puri

All of the children ate these treats and several asked for seconds.

Pani Puri

After our snack, we looked at pictures of their recent trip to Jaipur to visit with friends and family. We saw photos of them riding camels and an elephant. They even got to see a snake which is a reptile (like we are studying right now)!


We learned how to say Hello which is Namaste! We folded our hands too.

Bollywood style dancing

Since big sister came, we also did some Bollywood style dancing! This was really fun!!!


Thank you!!! We learned so much and had a great visit!!

Continuation of Asian Studies- India

We have had a great beginning to India week in our Asian studies! We are lucky enough to have a family from India in our class and they have brought in many items of clothing, scarves and bangles for the children to explore.

Children in scarves

We have looked at beautiful objects from India (a gift from our family- thank you!), colored the map of India and the Indian flag.

Map of India

Flag of India

We have also colored Rangoli which is a geometric design. We will be applying colored sand later in the week (using colored sand or rice is the typical way) but today we have been coloring these beautiful designs.


The children also walked on the line to special Indian sitar music by Ravi Shankar while holding special items from India.

Children walking

We will have more fun tomorrow as we will have visitors teaching us more about India! Stay tuned!


As the Chinese New Year began on Monday, we decided to begin our Asian studies with the country of China. We have had many interesting activities.

We have colored Chinese New Year cards!
Chinese New Year Cards

We have introduced a practical life transferring activity with Chinese bowls and a spoon.

Chinese bowls and a spoon

Although we usually have individual snacks (not everyone is hungry at the same time!) we had a second, special group snack of sticky rice with chopsticks! The children loved using the chopsticks and seemed to enjoy the sticky rice!


We made Chinese lanterns which required coloring, cutting on the line, taping or gluing.

Making of a Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern

We created and colored the Chinese flag.

A Chinese Flag

And the map of China.

Map of China

We have also painted at the easel with a Chinese paint brush and tomorrow will be creating a dragon out of egg cartons as it is the Year of the Dragon!


We have moved on from Antarctica and have now begun the study of Asia. The children were excited to see the new puzzle map in our puzzle rack. There are MANY pieces in Asia so this requires a puzzle control chart to help keep track of the different countries.

Map of Asia

The children are also coloring Asia on a map, looking at pictures of animals in Asia and different places. We will be specifically studying the countries of China, India and Japan in the upcoming weeks!

Map of South America

Although we have been studying Antarctica, children are always able to work with the puzzle maps we have used in the past. They are located on a special rack. One of the afternoon children decided to ‘pin’ out each country in South America and assemble a map of her own. She used our special pin punching work to punch around a line representing each country.

Map of South America

Map of South America


This was a big accomplishment for her! She worked very hard and was proud of her work. She now understands where all of the countries in South America are located! This type of work can be done for all of the puzzle maps.

Antarctica – Wax Resist Painting

Another way to help understand Antarctica is by coloring or painting pictures. We decided to use the technique of wax resist.

eva wax

The child takes a small piece of wax and rubs it over the areas where no paint will go.


Fill up the small pitcher with water to the blue line.

mail[2] (1)


Antarctica- the frozen continent!


How does one study Antarctica? In a Montessori environment we begin the study of continents by using the beautiful continent maps. Antarctica is unique for many reasons. One is that it is not divided up into separate countries. We don’t have a puzzle to represent Antarctica so we decided to give a concrete experience by freezing water and explaining the characteristics to the children.


The children were also shown different animals that can be on the land and ones only in the water around Antarctica. Although this is a cold work, the children seem to enjoy playing with the animals on the ice.


This can be a two person work which helps to foster social skills and sharing!

Archipelago and System of Lakes


In our land and water form study, we began archipelago and system of lakes. We begin by giving a concrete experience of pouring water into our forms.


We then give a tactile experience by presenting the sandpaper representation and use this as a model when coloring and painting on paper.