Some of our older children who are fluent readers are also beginning the study of grammar. In Montessori, we follow the child and they were very interested in the grammar boxes in the classroom. We decided to first play our verb game with the verb boxes. Imagine charades with words they can read. The children read the words and we take turns acting them out for the others to guess. We then talk about how these are “action words.”


We then decided they would make an illustrated verb book. They thought of various verbs, wrote the word and then drew pictures. We then copied each child’s work, cut the papers and assembled the books.


Here are some of the words they came up with: hug, battle, fly, moving, kiss, run, go, bite, sing, eat, flip, spin, play, shoot (a basket!), knit, rip, creep, swim, button, walk, sneeze, kick, wink, nap, dig, sort, lock, cook, spit, knock, kiss and ride



This afternoon/Kindergarten child is zooming along in his reading!!! He has worked his way through many of the language materials and is now reading many phonograms and is able to sound out all phonetic words. We have now begun the study of grammar. He explored some of our noun boxes and then went to work making his own “noun book.”


This child does not usually draw many pictures but took great pride in making pictures of many different nouns!