Happy Valentine’s Day

card making 2

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We like to celebrate this holiday as it is not too overwhelming to children and it is very sweet!  This year we wanted to talk about mail and how it moves to get from one place to the other.  We decided it was a perfect time to make Valentine cards for our families.  We have a card making work on our shelves so the children were familiar with this activity.  First, they decorate the white paper with a stamp roller (to create a border) and various Valentine stamps.  They then glue into red cardstock.  Some of the children cut out a white heart and glued it on the front.

Mailing card

We then had the children put the cards in a red envelope.


We worked with the children to address their envelopes.  Long ago we bought a book about the Postal System and how it works.  Here is a link:  With email and other ways to communicate, many children do not know about addresses, zip codes, stamps and the postal system.  Many of the children were excited to see their special Valentine come in the mail in a few days!

heart pillow

We sewed heart pillows!  Many of the children are proficient sewers, especially with the whip stitch, and can do this almost independently.


We also made Valentine bags.

V bags

The children are excited to take the bags home and see what was inside.  There were many homemade Valentines and almost all had written their own names.

V Day Coffee

Yesterday the children made heart shaped scones to serve this morning at the parent coffee.  They were so happy to see their parents enjoying the scones.  Thank you to all of the parents who were able to stop by!

Finally, our amazing and extremely talented music teacher taught the children this song:

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

The Introduction of Instruments

You may have heard your child singing a variety of songs since they began school.  We sing everyday right before outside time.  All of the children seem to love singing and they really like to know a song!  It is the sweetest thing when they sing very high, like “…won’t you blow your hooo-ooOOO-OOOORN!”  They also like to learn new songs and are getting to experience a variety of instruments that they can play.  The first one was the train whistle.  One child was able to blow the whistle at the end of the song.  (Then it was cleaned for a different child to use the next day.)  The second instrument we have been using are the spoons.  This one was slightly more difficult than blowing in the train whistle.  They enjoy keeping the beat with the spoons.  Today we introduced the triangle.  Before we sang the song, each child was able to take a turn playing the triangle.  They all handled it very carefully and took turns making the sound.  We will continue to introduce instruments in this way.