Michigan! Oh the Mackinac Bridge!

In our final weeks of the school year, we like to study our state of Michigan.


We created a sandpaper Michigan to feel.


Many children liked to complete a crayon rubbing.


They hold the crayon sideways and rub.  Michigan shows up!


We also taught the children about the five great lakes.

They used a watercolor crayon and colored in the lakes.


The children then painted the crayon with water and a paintbrush.

One of our families headed north for a weekend in the spring and brought us back some fudge to sample.


Oh The Mackinac Bridge!  Many parents have heard this song in the last few weeks!  Some families will be heading “up north”  to explore our state and may pass over the Mackinac Bridge.  The children loved learning and singing this song.  Click on the link to listen.

For visitors to our blog who don’t know about the bridge, here is a link to some information:

We hope you all have a great summer and get a chance to head “Up North” and see the mighty fine bridge!