Dusting a plant- Care of the environment

Children in a Montessori classroom learn to value and take care of their environment. They  mop the floor, sweep, water the plants, clean tables and feed the animals amongst other things.  These are activities the children are attracted to and ask to do every day!  This young child asked if he could have a lesson on dusting the plant.


First the child brings the plant and the materials to a table.

He lays out all of the pieces on a table.

A tiny pitcher is filled with water and poured into the bowl.


He uses the brush to gently dust off each leaf.

This task helps to extended the ability to concentrate!


The child takes the cotton ball, dips it into the water and squeezes it out.


He then polishes each dusted leaf with water.


Finally, the plant is misted and looks beautiful.

This child had a huge smile on his face when he was done!