Egyptian Studies

Egypt Field Trip 1


We decided to take a small group of afternooners on a field trip to the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology as we have been studying Africa and most specifically, Ancient Egypt.
We hopped on the bus and headed into campus. Our stop was right by the cube so we decided it was necessary to give it a spin before the trip inside the museum.

Egypt Field Trip 2

Egypt Field Trip 3

First, we read the rules! When our Docent arrived, we were well prepared to answer her question of
“What are the rules of the museum?”

Egypt Field Trip 4

We saw many, many interesting artifacts. We even saw a child mummy! Jean our Docent helped to explain this in a very gently, age appropriate way!

Egypt Field Trip 5

We saw many masks that were put on people who had died as a way to identify them.

Egypt Field Trip 6

Here we were fascinated with a cat and hawk mummy!

Egypt Field Trip 7

Children in ancient Egypt played with many recognizable toys! After our tour, Jean read a book to the children called “Temple Cat.” The children enjoyed the story and the whole field trip!
Thank you Kelsey!

Egypt Pyramid

As part of our classroom study of Ancient Egypt, many children have decided to make pyramids out of sugar cubes!

Egypt Stamps

We also used hieroglyphic stamps to write names as well as various words.

Egypt Toob