France and THANK YOU to Zingermans!

As we end our study of Europe, we focused on France.  This is partially because we have a French family and partially because we wanted to eat croissants from Zingermans!

First the croissants!  Zingerman’s Bakehouse generously donated some beautiful croissants to our school as part of our study of France.


The children (and teachers) sampled the croissants.


YUM! A big THANK YOU to Zingerman’s!
Many thumbs up!

The children have been looking at photos of France, making books about Paris, meeting French people, singing French songs and as another special treat- eating crepes.

Our French family kindly came in to show us how to make crepes. Mother and Grand-mere came!

ladeling crepe

They had prepared the batter in advance. Here she ladles the batter into the pan.

Crepe flipping

She cooks on one side then FLIP!
The cooked crepe was filled with a lovely chocolate concoction!!

Julia eating crepe

Finally, they are eaten and enjoyed by all!

We feel it is necessary to provide hands on experiences for the children when studying a specific topic. The children absorb these sights, sounds and of course tastes! They get to meet people from other cultures and hear languages and accents. They ABSORB it all!
Thank you again to Zingerman’s and to our French family for taking the time to help us make this happen!