We have been learning about Antarctica for the past few weeks and have enjoyed interacting with ice!  Ice is a big part of this amazing continent.

We wanted to make ice sculptures and our recent low temperatures helped!


The child chooses two containers prepared with ice and takes them to the art table.

He takes them out of the containers and then sprinkles kosher salt on one.

The second one is placed on top.  The salt helps melt the ice and the two pieces stick together.


The child can spray water on top to make it shiny and change the shape a bit.


Mittens are used to carry the ice outside to refreeze.


Here they are glimmering in the sun.


On the playground, the ice can be used to create a sculpture.

Also, when learning about Antarctica, we like to have fun with small plastic animals that live in the region.


The children can interact with ice and the animals.  Some animals live in the water only and some go on land and water.


Ice and cold can be fun!