The Introduction of Instruments

You may have heard your child singing a variety of songs since they began school.  We sing everyday right before outside time.  All of the children seem to love singing and they really like to know a song!  It is the sweetest thing when they sing very high, like “…won’t you blow your hooo-ooOOO-OOOORN!”  They also like to learn new songs and are getting to experience a variety of instruments that they can play.  The first one was the train whistle.  One child was able to blow the whistle at the end of the song.  (Then it was cleaned for a different child to use the next day.)  The second instrument we have been using are the spoons.  This one was slightly more difficult than blowing in the train whistle.  They enjoy keeping the beat with the spoons.  Today we introduced the triangle.  Before we sang the song, each child was able to take a turn playing the triangle.  They all handled it very carefully and took turns making the sound.  We will continue to introduce instruments in this way.