Vertebrate Review and a Visit from Critter Guy

After spending the Fall studying the five types of vertebrates, we like to review what we have learned.


This is a very fun work!  The children categorize the animals in the basket under the proper categories.  They have fun working

together to make sure there are five animals in each category.


Reptiles and mammals are the tricky ones!  A fish almost always looks like another fish and birds look similar too.


We then schedule a visit from our friend Paul, the Critter Guy!

He brings as many animals as he can!  This year, we didn’t have birds or a fish but three other categories were well represented!

We began with Woody, the tree frog!


A snake is always a hit!  We have had several different ones over the years.


This reptile was a new visitor for us.  He was REALLY slow!  He was a Fat Tail Gecko!


The Blue-Tongued Skink is always fun and entertaining!  He really does have a blue tongue!


Mammals!  We seem to enjoy the fellow mammals the most.  First up was a mouse!

She left many “presents!”  The children thought this was really funny!


Then, our chinchilla friend.  The softest animal ever!

But the BIG hit this year was a European Hare.  This guy is so cute and cuddly!

He likes to be held and rocked like a baby!


The children were gentle with all of the animals but especially this guy!


Almost everyone held and rocked him.


We had so much fun with the Critter Guy!
Thanks again to Paul for coming!  We will see you next year!