For children ages 2.5 – 6

The Children’s House offers an environment for children ages 2 ½ through 6. The classroom is designed so that children can move freely and interact with materials that are carefully designed so that they can engage in activities with minimum frustration. Furniture is child-sized. Materials clearly and beautifully show concepts. Teachers are trained to observe children’s development and how to present the curriculum individually and in small and whole groups. Once a child has had a lesson with a material they are free to choose it during class time whenever they wish and for as long as they want. Our day follows a routine of free choice and instruction which we call our “work time,” a whole group circle time followed by outside play. Children can stay for lunch where we eat all together and then have rest time, work time, and a final playtime outside.

Children attend five days per week and we offer different options for the length of their day. We are a school year program from late August through early June. We follow the Ann Arbor Public Schools calendar.


child with a bowl of raspberries

We can’t thank you enough for providing such a wonderfully sweet, loving, stimulating environment for Paige to go to school. We have been so impressed with the work that you do, but even more importantly with the relationship you have formed with our little girl.

— Paige’s parents

Ann Arbor Children’s House
Preschool: 2309 Packard Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Infant & Toddler: 2145 Independence Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone 734.330.8190